JOIN US March 20th in Lake City Seattle for a rec room performance you will not forget! One year ago we played in the Community Room of Lake City House with Fhtagn and this year we are honored to host special guest, Seattle’s own: FFEJ!


We present our Brand New song! With all the talk about the weather, we couldn’t help but comment through music. “Anticipating Coastal Swells”.

Check out our elaborate railway centered video for “Time to Say Goodbye” the last song from Fast Radio Bursts!

THIS JUST IN-EST!:  It’s Done! It’s Out! It’s Here! the new Dead Air Fresheners album Fast Radio Bursts “produced” by Bob Bucko Jr. on the Personal Archives label. Available in compact disc or digital download, you can stream it for free RIGHT HERE!

PREVIOUSLY JUST-IN (because we released TWO albums this year):

We performed a record release gig the evening/afternoon of March 19th/20th live in Portland OR in our garage studio and netcast via Periscope to projection at the Audio Foundation in Auckland, NZ marking our first international club performance! Below are the two videos captured from the Aukland side of the netcast.

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the new two track Dead Air Fresheners digital album on Auckland’s   Extension Cord Symphony 9 

Available for free download or audio stream on the PMC label website. 


EVEN BEFORE THAT JUST IN IS THIS JUSTER IN: Our 2016 Recording Release Blitz starts on Valentines Day with “5 Minutes in Dog Years”  a  track on this great local Portland compilation:


THIS JUST IN: Dead Air Fresheners have TWO new albums coming out in 2016. The first is an internet only affair on New Zealand’s Postmoderncore Label and will feature a release party in March that uses the internet to occur in both continents. More details soon! The next will be released (formats still to be determined, but physical copies will exist!) on Dubuque, Iowa’s Personal Archives imprint and will be produced by brilliant label honcho Bob Bucko Jr.! To get an advance taste of that album, check out this preview remix by Bob! was first launched as a domain to be reckoned with in 2001 but we let it die back when it was clear that everybody accessed everything on the internet via My Space, and that was never going to change. Well, we’re baaack…

Please visit our Zephy Memento Mori to learn the history of the group including videos and biography. Then check out some audio recordings of the band for stream and/or download on the Dead Sounds from Out There page!

New Tracks on Soundcloud! We’ve started uploading tracks both historical and fresh to our Dead Air Fresheners Soundcloud page. Check it out, music wants to be heard.

A full discography page with links to recordings of the albums is on our near horizon as well.