Streaming Live: Jerry Soga w/ Dead Air Fresheners

Jerry Soga, legendary PDX improvisor (of Waffle Taco, Xapchyk, fiasco, and More!) visits The Elusive Hangar to record with Dead Air Fresheners in their home studio.

This is the first ever musical meeting of these two explosive forces of Northwest Dada and Kill Pop Tarts is pleased to share whatever enfolds with you!

Join Us on Facebook Live Saturday October 15th at 5:15 PM PDT!

This October Get Unfriended.

THIS JUST IN: The fantastic online zine Cave Dweller Music has an in depth interview about Unfriended. and the Dead Air Fresheners by Sound Animal up for your perusing!

On September 11th, 2022 the 17th album by Dead Air Fresheners was released to the world by Personal Archives Recordings. A limited number of professional quality compact discs can still be purchased. Don’t wait for Black Friday. We’re all in this together.

Unfriended. Prepares for Landing

In September of 2019 Dead Air Fresheners began toying around with the idea of creating a guitar driven noiserock album. We talked to a friend with a lot of great audio production and engineering skills and some notoriety as an undergound experimental artist about producing it. Lots of Google Drive folders were created. A pandemic hit. Our producer friend left the project scratching their head. Another experimental musician friend who wanted to produce rock bands came on board. And left scratching their head. We started playing every Friday at 5:15 PM online to fight the pandemic until vaccines arrived. Some other geopolitical stuff went down. We continued to work on the album which we called Unfriended. We also had other moments of inspiration that had nothing to do with what we were doing with Unfriended. (including in collaboration with other artists) and so released other singles and albums while we continued to work on this now seemingly mythical record. 3 years passed and we put out a total of 6 other albums while constantly telling the world Unfriended. was coming! We finished it at the Beginning of 2022 and submitted it to the label we’d been talking the whole time about giving it to. They liked it but feared some legal issues that we didn’t have a convincing argument around. So we dialed up Bob Buck Jr. over at Personal Archives and asked him if he’d have us again on his fine label. A release date of September 11, 2022 was set. We can’t really believe it but that date is upon us!

PRE-ORDERS are Available Now! Over at the Personal Archives site you may order the limited edition CD version or the digital version NOW. We have three sample pieces streaming including the just released “Have You Seen Junior’s Grades” featuring the legendary poet Chuck Swaim who we had not had the pleasure of working with in over a decade, and first ever for us collaboration with Olympia underground metal guitarist Eddie Shredder AKA Pizza-T! Check it!

For those in or near Portland, Oregon, we’ll be having a free all ages live performance to celebrate the official release on Sunday, September 11, 2022 at 5 PM at the awesome independent record store Speck’s Records & Tapes in the beautiful Kenton neighborhood of North PDX. JOIN US!

Commercial Suicide Begins at Home

We ought to have been doing everything we could to prepare for the release less than 5 months away, 9/11/22, of the fabled Unfriended album on the esteemed Dubuque Iowa label Personal Archives… Instead we went and produced a new album we have put out ourselves on Kill Pop Tarts.

While Dead Air Fresheners have semi-intentionally become a drum and guitar driven avant-garage noiserock affair in recent years, this album may be viewed either as a return to form or absolute regression into electronic and horn drenched ambient drone psychedelic-jazz mindmelt. Forged from recordings dating back some sixteen years, including a live set soft opening the now fondly remembered Portland venue Someday Lounge, then processed with loving pitch bends and wall of reverb in our post-Covid garage studio… this album would represent our 2112 or Metal Machine Music were we handing it over to any label other than our own.

Having career or relationship difficulties? Put this record on really loud and it will sort that out in either the home or office!

R.I.P. “Roger” Mathew Moss

A founding member of the Dead Air Fresheners has left us. “Roger” Mathew Moss was 57 at departure from this plane. In 1996 or 1997 he recorded the very first demo for the Dead Air Fresheners, supplied the instruments, and played half of the music on it. Although he never played in the group again after that the resulting recording “That Happened When I Wasn’t In the Room” was finally released as the last piece on our 2022 Kill Pop Tarts album The Last Asteroid. Roger was also the lead guitarist in Seattle psychedelic postpunk band Blue Faces and was an ardent supporter of all of our work. His presence will be greatly missed whenever we play as he would always be watching any live stream we had up.

In the Thick of 2022

THIS JUST IN: A great review of our album from last year on the Personal Archives label in the fabulous A Closer Listen online experimental music blog:

A Collection of Drone & Noise Sea Shanties is highly creative and surprisingly respectful, the art punk experimentalists honoring their invented micro-genre from unique angles.  The shanties are abraded, restructured and repurposed, the paint cup into which the brushes are dipped.  The sea seeps through the walls of the recording, waterlogged words become instrumental passages, and an ailing vessel limps to port, crew ravaged with scurvy, delirious for the sight of land.”

We were honored to be interviewed by legendary Seattle experimental musician and now DJ Eric Muhs on his local music program Back Yard Deep Dive on KBFG 107.3 FM (Ballard Baby!) Eric got us to open up about our performance philosophy we never knew we had and picked out interesting pieces from throughout the group’s history with a focus on collaborative numbers.

While we keep putting the finishing touches on the fabled Unfriended record we once again accidentally recorded and released an entirely different album. The Last Asteroid is both a look at the future and the past for Dead Air Fresheners. The title track has been a single on Kill Pop Tarts with the B-side(also included on the album) “Mining Yr. Space Rock” for well over a year now. The last piece on the record “That Happened When I Wasn’t In the Room”, however, is in fact the very first recording by the Dead Air Fresheners, dating back to 1996 or 97 (we’re not even sure!) Meanwhile there are other older pieces, but also a couple brand new ones, including “Sandy Planet” which the group finished on 12/31/2021 as the album went to press. “Sandy Planet” is dedicated to Sandy McAdams, a family member of the core of Dead Air Fresheners, who passed away just after Christmas.

Press Rewind: 2021…

Dead Air Fresheners end the tumultuous year of 2021 with a new album release on Kill Pop Tarts for 2022. The very first album of 2022 in fact The Last Asteroid. While the album drops at midnight on NYE we are excited to share an advance single just in time for Christmas: “Vacuum Suit Eve” a plunderphonic tribute to the Apollo 8 crew.

We know, we know that we started saying we would be releasing an album of heavy noiserock 2 years ago. We know that. We also fully own that we have somehow released two other albums, plus a collaboration with Bob Bucko Jr. and a concert video in that time. You might be starting to think that despite the string of singles and teasers we keep dropping that this might be a bit of an Eldorado/Waterloo mashup. You might be starting to think. But we really are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and this new $1 Download proves it. Yes it is another single from the eternally forthcoming album Unfriended by the Dead Air Fresheners. No we don’t want to “Inherit the Wind”. Turn it up to 11. It’s cyclonic.

We are excited to announce our brand new album on the killer Personal Archives Recordings label out of Dubuque IA, and run by the incomparable Bob Bucko Jr., A Collection of Drone and Noise Sea Shanties. Released in a limited edition of 50 professionally produced CDs and unlimited digital albums, this record is the product of years of field recordings manipulated with electronics and other instruments to capture the feelings of labor and the ocean.

As promised here is the #WorldPremiere of the new concert video by #DeadAirFresheners directed by Ryan A Ray!

Summer’s over babies.

October 7, 2021 marks the release (finally!!) of our new album A Collection of Drone & Noise Sea Shanties on the inimitable Personal Archives Recordings label! Below is a preview of the artwork and liner notes, watch this space for ordering and audio release information!

In support of workers rights around the world we will be taking to our backyard with special guest Four Dimensional Nightmare on Labor Day, Monday September 6th at 5:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, LIVE ON FACEBOOK LIVE!

After a mix-up with the power supply guy, Dead Air Fresheners played our first ever unplugged Live from Cathedral Park in St. John’s, Portland Oregon. Saturday, August 28th. Under the St. John’s Bridge as the sun went behind it.

In typical Dead Air Fresheners style we have released our second album for 2021 and it is NOT the still unfinished Unfriended! As the band continues to play live online every Friday at 5:15 PM Pacific Standard Time we have released a live album on Kill Pop Tarts that captures two of the hottest of those sets:

Each of the sets that are featured on each album “side” (as we’re releasing 8-tracks, cds, and digital sides are all virtual…) is featured in a video on the Dead Air Fresheners YouTube Channel:

Our group went through a lot of changes in 2020 from being housebound to social distance our way through Covid-19, to becoming much more noiserock driven in our most frequently visible incarnation. Through all of this we have worked on the yet to be released album Unfriended. In our efforts to document Dead Air Fresheners in our current noisy guitar sound embodiment we tried working with two different producers but ultimately found our aural palpations too personal to work on outside of our garage. We didn’t fire them they quit, and we’re all still friends. We brought in guest stars, and at least one guest star died of natural causes. Will this album be our Inherit the Wind??? We hope not, and we continue to strive to produce and complete the record ourselves in early 2021. This album is a record about the time we are living in #RightNow and we are proud to provide for you the definitive advance single:

Dead Air Fresheners began 2021 with a bang with the release on Kill Pop Tarts Recordings at exactly the stroke of midnight and the start of New Year’s Day of a collaboration with Dubuque Iowa’s favorite experimental music son Bob Bucko Jr. called Here’s to Letting Go. The album was written by Bob in Iowa then sent to the Dead Air Fresheners for production in the form of duets on each of the four tracks (mixed and engineered by Ryan A. Ray). The album is still fairly minimal, on the theme of moving past the good, bad, and ugly of the previous year. While many people are understandably focusing on the bad and ugly of 2020, music such as this as well as much great art and inspirational protest arose from the tumult.

After Covid-19 Quarantine…

Two brand new science fiction themed videos directed and edited by Ryan A. Ray are just in!

Our Kill Pop Tarts single The Last Asteroid got the deeep space treatment:

And on the day of the seventh birthday of our youngest band member we made this special video for the first song from our 2019 album on Postmoderncore Recordings out of UK/NZ. The sounds in this piece were all recorded at James John Elementary School in the playground when they had just added metal flower percussion sculptures.

Recently: It was time to take all that heavy stuff out of the garage once more! Dead Air Fresheners played our first post-Covid live show on Sunday September 6 at Cathedral Park in St. John’s, Portland OR. This was a socially distanced event!

Everything changed and you already know that. It changed for you personally every bit as much as it changed for the Dead Air Fresheners. Everybody is playing by new rules, or no rules, now. Faced with the prospect of no live shows, and our tour plans to open for Vern Rumsey shelved by sickness, we decided to embrace the lockdown and created a weekly live streaming performance on Facebook Live: Dead Air Fresheners Friday 5:15 Happy Hour. Little did we know that some of the videos would have more viewers than all of the band’s live shows since 1997 combined could hope to have offered:

And then the success of the weekly sessions came to the attention of our good friend DJ Rachelle of Live Friday at KPSU, Portland’s College Radio. She hijacked our stream and interviewed us for a rousing show you can listen to HERE:

Before Covid-19

2020 began with the Dead Air Fresheners holed up in the garage, hiding from the rain, capturing fuzzy guitar sounds for a new album tentatively titled Unfriended. Then the pandemic hit… Early rumblings are of a noisy electric lunch and we provide the rawest of tastes below.

The final Dead Air Fresheners performance for 2019 (and in fact for the whole decade of the 2010 which has been a very active decade for the band) was in scenic Lake City, Seattle Washington in the Lake City House Apartments Community Room. The show was captured for your viewing enjoyment:

Our Portland OR/Seattle WA recording label Kill Pop Tarts has been very busy releasing all of our albums in physical form on 8-track tape and compact disc, as well as producing a new album for our friend, ally, and sometime member Four Dimensional Nightmare. While we will continue to release albums in digital form on Postmoderncore and Personal Archives (and anybody else who will take us really), Kill Pop Tarts is our main point of contact to seek band merchandise and promotions. Check out this great new video Ryan A. Ray from the label directed for us!:

Saturday September 7th we played a benefit for the coolest radio station in the multiverse Freeform Portland with Masonique and the Social Stomach.


In honor of fallen Dead Air Freshener Deanne McAdams who passed away on August 3, 2011, we performed at the 12th Annual St. John’s Nofest on the 8 year anniversary of her passing. We played a piece of hers from her Leopards album called “Ghost Cracked Glass” and expanded on it with samples and loops of her guitar, playing her two guitars live, and live drumming by her 11 year old son and other drummers. The show was in a tent at Green Anchors right near where she left us.


The Dead Air Fresheners are celebrating the Summer Solstice of 2019 with the release of Brother Calls our new album of new age monster music on (the album is available for free stream or download there and cds and 8 track tapes may be purchased direct from the band).

The album will be premiered to the world by the ever illustrious Tunacan Jones on his exciting online radio program The Top Dollar Hour on Tunacan interviewed the group about the new album and will be interspersing this with highlights from the new record.

10 PM Pacific Standard Time, 1 AM Eastern Standard Time

8 days later on 6/29/2019 we play the 25th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival!!!


To protest the hipsterization of vinyl, Dead Air Fresheners have made the bold decision to release all of our material henceforth on compact disc (CD) and 8-Track Tape. Digital copies of our songs will continue to exist to the extent that a series of zeros and ones can exist. Please consider purchasing one of these fine recordings:


Record Store Day! 4/13/2019 FREE ALL AGES AT SPECK’s RECORDS in Kenton! Visit the Facebook Event Page!


WATCH A Recent Perfromance!:




Photo by Joe Mabel at 24th Olympia Experimental Music Festival, Olympia Artesian Well Commons 6/17/2018 Father’s Day.

ALL AGES EARLY SHOW IN PORTLAND! Dead Air Fresheners open for Vern Rumsey of Unwound and Kento Oiwa of IQU at Speck’s Records and Tapes in Kenton! Saturday, January 5th 7 PM. First show of 2019!


Join the Facebook Event for More Info!

DEAD AIR FRESHENERS to Release New Album: EVIDENCE OF SUPERSTRUCTURES II at St. John’s Nofest XI on Saturday, September 15th The album will be available online including free streaming via the Postmoderncore recording label starting 9/15 and there will be physical cds available at the Nofest performance.




Dead Air Fresheners were honored to perform as part of the Creative Music Guild’s Offset Music Series at Turn Turn Turn in Portland OR on Wednesday May 2nd 2018. Portland OR filmmaker Ryan A. Ray directed the following video of the opening of “The Golden Egg”:

The Completion of the Trilogy of performances of the piece “If Elvis Were An Ostrich” has now been officially released by the Dead Air Fresheners. Each performance may be viewed and enjoyed entirely on it’s own, but we recommend for the full comprehension of the piece to watch and listen to all three in sequential order.

Upcoming Recent Shows in Portland & Seattle:


Free Experimental Music at Lake City House:

The Free Infrequent Experimental Music series hosted by the Dead Air Fresheners at the Lake City House Community Room in Seattle WA continues!

We are pleased to present at this all ages rec room concert:

Robert Millis (of Climax Golden Twins, AFCGT, Sublime Frequencies)

Dead Air Fresheners (from I-5)

Cyclopsycho (from Olympia WA)

Wednesday, February 28 at 8 PM – 11 PM

12546 33rd Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125-4502, United States


IN THE NEWS: Great recent review by  of Fast Radio Bursts in the excellent Raised by Gypsies cd review blog: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 CD Review: Dead Air Fresheners “Fast Radio Bursts” (Personal Archives)

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 8.03.51 PM

RECENT SHOWS: Once again this year we opened the festivities Saturday, September 23rd in the Historic (and soon to be renovated and gentrified) St. John’s Square for Nofest X!

We premeired/produced a new piece called

“X is X unless X x X”:


On the following Monday, September 25th, we returned to Seattle for another Lake City House Community Room performance! Presenting drone and noise sea shanties with special guest Forest Friends opening the show!

From this we created a track that will be on our forthcoming album A Collection of Noise & Drone Sea Shanties:


We played a BBQ in North Portland on Labor Day with some awesome bands:

Sea Moss (who were an absolutely amazing drum and electronics duo that you should see any chance you get!)
Paranahead (really cool solo bass guitar)
Humanity’s Fading Glow (dj extraordinare)
…and more?  Our set, a piece entitled “Evidence of Superstructures” is available for your watching and listening enjoyment:



As we write this the world is reeling from images of young wealthy white men in polo shirts with tiki torches surrounding, brutalizing, and in one case killing those who would stand against their message of racism and hatred. While the Dead Air Fresheners are a surrealist and not a political group, the very real spectre of fascism in America, and the sick youth marketing of hatred that is the “Alt-Right” forces us to make clear – we do not tolerate the intolerant. After the horrors in Charlottesville we were happy to join a benefit for the victim’s. Saturday, August 19th, we will be playing a themed set with the powerful force that is Jennifer Robin at the Blackwater Bar for Portland ABC.


3988535693_d7141bdc69_o (1)

Info on the show is HERE! Stats

In addition, we are thrilled to present a completely unrelated Brand New Dead Air Fresheners Song! It follows a recent trend of oceanic inspired pieces that seem to indicate we may be working on an album of drone sea shanties.


JOIN US March 20th in Lake City Seattle for a rec room performance you will not forget! One year ago we played in the Community Room of Lake City House with Fhtagn and this year we are honored to host special guest, Seattle’s own: FFEJ!


We present our Brand New song! With all the talk about the weather, we couldn’t help but comment through music. “Anticipating Coastal Swells”.

Check out our elaborate railway centered video for “Time to Say Goodbye” the last song from Fast Radio Bursts!

THIS JUST IN-EST!:  It’s Done! It’s Out! It’s Here! the new Dead Air Fresheners album Fast Radio Bursts “produced” by Bob Bucko Jr. on the Personal Archives label. Available in compact disc or digital download, you can stream it for free RIGHT HERE!

PREVIOUSLY JUST-IN (because we released TWO albums this year):

We performed a record release gig the evening/afternoon of March 19th/20th live in Portland OR in our garage studio and netcast via Periscope to projection at the Audio Foundation in Auckland, NZ marking our first international club performance! Below are the two videos captured from the Aukland side of the netcast.

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the new two track Dead Air Fresheners digital album on Auckland’s   Extension Cord Symphony 9 

Available for free download or audio stream on the PMC label website. 


EVEN BEFORE THAT JUST IN IS THIS JUSTER IN: Our 2016 Recording Release Blitz starts on Valentines Day with “5 Minutes in Dog Years”  a  track on this great local Portland compilation:

THIS JUST IN: Dead Air Fresheners have TWO new albums coming out in 2016. The first is an internet only affair on New Zealand’s Postmoderncore Label and will feature a release party in March that uses the internet to occur in both continents. More details soon! The next will be released (formats still to be determined, but physical copies will exist!) on Dubuque, Iowa’s Personal Archives imprint and will be produced by brilliant label honcho Bob Bucko Jr.! To get an advance taste of that album, check out this preview remix by Bob! was first launched as a domain to be reckoned with in 2001 but we let it die back when it was clear that everybody accessed everything on the internet via My Space, and that was never going to change. Well, we’re baaack…

Please visit our Zephy Memento Mori to learn the history of the group including videos and biography. Then check out some audio recordings of the band for stream and/or download on the Dead Sounds from Out There page!

New Tracks on Soundcloud! We’ve started uploading tracks both historical and fresh to our Dead Air Fresheners Soundcloud page. Check it out, music wants to be heard.

A full discography page with links to recordings of the albums is on our near horizon as well.