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Unfriended. Prepares for Landing

In September of 2019 Dead Air Fresheners began toying around with the idea of creating a guitar driven noiserock album. We talked to a friend with a lot of great audio production and engineering skills and some notoriety as an undergound experimental artist about producing it. Lots of Google Drive folders were created. A pandemic hit. Our producer friend left the project scratching their head. Another experimental musician friend who wanted to produce rock bands came on board. And left scratching their head. We started playing every Friday at 5:15 PM online to fight the pandemic until vaccines arrived. Some other geopolitical stuff went down. We continued to work on the album which we called Unfriended. We also had other moments of inspiration that had nothing to do with what we were doing with Unfriended. (including in collaboration with other artists) and so released other singles and albums while we continued to work on this now seemingly mythical record. 3 years passed and we put out a total of 6 other albums while constantly telling the world Unfriended. was coming! We finished it at the Beginning of 2022 and submitted it to the label we’d been talking the whole time about giving it to. They liked it but feared some legal issues that we didn’t have a convincing argument around. So we dialed up Bob Buck Jr. over at Personal Archives and asked him if he’d have us again on his fine label. A release date of September 11, 2022 was set. We can’t really believe it but that date is upon us!

PRE-ORDERS are Available Now! Over at the Personal Archives site you may order the limited edition CD version or the digital version NOW. We have three sample pieces streaming including the just released “Have You Seen Junior’s Grades” featuring the legendary poet Chuck Swaim who we had not had the pleasure of working with in over a decade, and first ever for us collaboration with Olympia underground metal guitarist Eddie Shredder AKA Pizza-T! Check it!

For those in or near Portland, Oregon, we’ll be having a free all ages live performance to celebrate the official release on Sunday, September 11, 2022 at 5 PM at the awesome independent record store Speck’s Records & Tapes in the beautiful Kenton neighborhood of North PDX. JOIN US!