Dead Air Sounds from Out There

Our Brand New Soundcloud Page! features classic album tracks mixed with stuff we just cooked up in the garage laboratory.

Classic Tracks on My Space Music! a great sampling of the band from when Tom ruled the interwebs.

with Chuck Swaim on SoundClick Chuck uploaded these back in the day. Nearly all of the tracks appear on our first album with him Verses of Echo.

Live @ Nofest in 2008 on Free Music Archive our first time ever playing this perennial St. John’s Portland weird music festival.

Classic Tracks on The Portland Mercury 3 tracks from the “a Slip Inside the Quiet Room” era.

Live at KPSU 15th Birthday w/ Jennifer Robin on Internet Archive recorded by Foque Mopus in 2009!

ARU Remix of “Successfulness” on Bandcamp Aural Resuscitation Unit’s remix/collaboration of “Successfulness” from Separated by Comas.

Live at Habesha in 2013 w/ Austin Rich on Bandcamp noise music and Ethiopian food are the perfect combination.

Live at Slim’s in 2013 w/ Austin Rich on Bandcamp for the 15th Anniversary Blas-Travaganza for Blasphuphmus Radio.

Live on KPSU 8/25/2014 a surprise (including to us) set to celebrate What’s This Called? radio show’s 9th year at

With Big Tom the Lithuanian 2/7/2015 Big Tom was supposed to play on What’s This Called? but his train was late, so we took him into our secret North Portland garage studio and kept him hostage until this recording surfaced.

Dead Air Fresheners Video Channel if you close your eyes there is audio behind every video.

More audio will be linked soon when we set up our Discography page.