2022 Ends w/ a Bang, 2023 Begins w/ a Brand New Album!

Dead Air Fresheners ended 2022 having released 4 albums (including one collaboration with Noisepoetnobody!) We received critical acclaim in legendary punk zine The Big Takeover , online experimental music review zine A Closer Listen, and extreme music blog Cavedweller Music, with a radio cherry to top things off. Our album Unfriended. released on September 11, 2022 made it onto WFMU’s end of year Heavily Played Records list!

We’re thrilled to have the album we spent 3 years getting the way we wanted being received with heavy play on the best known experimental music radio station in the world. Now onto 2023 and once again we will have a BRAND NEW ALBUM on Kill Pop Tarts coming out at exactly midnight as January 1 hits!


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