Commercial Suicide Begins at Home

We ought to have been doing everything we could to prepare for the release less than 5 months away, 9/11/22, of the fabled Unfriended album on the esteemed Dubuque Iowa label Personal Archives… Instead we went and produced a new album we have put out ourselves on Kill Pop Tarts.

While Dead Air Fresheners have semi-intentionally become a drum and guitar driven avant-garage noiserock affair in recent years, this album may be viewed either as a return to form or absolute regression into electronic and horn drenched ambient drone psychedelic-jazz mindmelt. Forged from recordings dating back some sixteen years, including a live set soft opening the now fondly remembered Portland venue Someday Lounge, then processed with loving pitch bends and wall of reverb in our post-Covid garage studio… this album would represent our 2112 or Metal Machine Music were we handing it over to any label other than our own.

Having career or relationship difficulties? Put this record on really loud and it will sort that out in either the home or office!

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