Press Rewind: 2021…

Dead Air Fresheners end the tumultuous year of 2021 with a new album release on Kill Pop Tarts for 2022. The very first album of 2022 in fact The Last Asteroid. While the album drops at midnight on NYE we are excited to share an advance single just in time for Christmas: “Vacuum Suit Eve” a plunderphonic tribute to the Apollo 8 crew.

We know, we know that we started saying we would be releasing an album of heavy noiserock 2 years ago. We know that. We also fully own that we have somehow released two other albums, plus a collaboration with Bob Bucko Jr. and a concert video in that time. You might be starting to think that despite the string of singles and teasers we keep dropping that this might be a bit of an Eldorado/Waterloo mashup. You might be starting to think. But we really are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and this new $1 Download proves it. Yes it is another single from the eternally forthcoming album Unfriended by the Dead Air Fresheners. No we don’t want to “Inherit the Wind”. Turn it up to 11. It’s cyclonic.

We are excited to announce our brand new album on the killer Personal Archives Recordings label out of Dubuque IA, and run by the incomparable Bob Bucko Jr., A Collection of Drone and Noise Sea Shanties. Released in a limited edition of 50 professionally produced CDs and unlimited digital albums, this record is the product of years of field recordings manipulated with electronics and other instruments to capture the feelings of labor and the ocean.

As promised here is the #WorldPremiere of the new concert video by #DeadAirFresheners directed by Ryan A Ray!

Summer’s over babies.

October 7, 2021 marks the release (finally!!) of our new album A Collection of Drone & Noise Sea Shanties on the inimitable Personal Archives Recordings label! Below is a preview of the artwork and liner notes, watch this space for ordering and audio release information!

In support of workers rights around the world we will be taking to our backyard with special guest Four Dimensional Nightmare on Labor Day, Monday September 6th at 5:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, LIVE ON FACEBOOK LIVE!

After a mix-up with the power supply guy, Dead Air Fresheners played our first ever unplugged Live from Cathedral Park in St. John’s, Portland Oregon. Saturday, August 28th. Under the St. John’s Bridge as the sun went behind it.

In typical Dead Air Fresheners style we have released our second album for 2021 and it is NOT the still unfinished Unfriended! As the band continues to play live online every Friday at 5:15 PM Pacific Standard Time we have released a live album on Kill Pop Tarts that captures two of the hottest of those sets:

Each of the sets that are featured on each album “side” (as we’re releasing 8-tracks, cds, and digital sides are all virtual…) is featured in a video on the Dead Air Fresheners YouTube Channel:

Our group went through a lot of changes in 2020 from being housebound to social distance our way through Covid-19, to becoming much more noiserock driven in our most frequently visible incarnation. Through all of this we have worked on the yet to be released album Unfriended. In our efforts to document Dead Air Fresheners in our current noisy guitar sound embodiment we tried working with two different producers but ultimately found our aural palpations too personal to work on outside of our garage. We didn’t fire them they quit, and we’re all still friends. We brought in guest stars, and at least one guest star died of natural causes. Will this album be our Inherit the Wind??? We hope not, and we continue to strive to produce and complete the record ourselves in early 2021. This album is a record about the time we are living in #RightNow and we are proud to provide for you the definitive advance single:

Dead Air Fresheners began 2021 with a bang with the release on Kill Pop Tarts Recordings at exactly the stroke of midnight and the start of New Year’s Day of a collaboration with Dubuque Iowa’s favorite experimental music son Bob Bucko Jr. called Here’s to Letting Go. The album was written by Bob in Iowa then sent to the Dead Air Fresheners for production in the form of duets on each of the four tracks (mixed and engineered by Ryan A. Ray). The album is still fairly minimal, on the theme of moving past the good, bad, and ugly of the previous year. While many people are understandably focusing on the bad and ugly of 2020, music such as this as well as much great art and inspirational protest arose from the tumult.

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