We Now Present 2022

While we keep putting the finishing touches on the fabled Unfriended record we once again accidentally recorded and released an entirely different album. The Last Asteroid is both a look at the future and the past for Dead Air Fresheners. The title track has been a single on Kill Pop Tarts with the B-side(also included on the album) “Mining Yr. Space Rock” for well over a year now. The last piece on the record “That Happened When I Wasn’t In the Room”, however, is in fact the very first recording by the Dead Air Fresheners, dating back to 1996 or 97 (we’re not even sure!) Meanwhile there are other older pieces, but also a couple brand new ones, including “Sandy Planet” which the group finished on 12/31/2021 as the album went to press. “Sandy Planet” is dedicated to Sandy McAdams, a family member of the core of Dead Air Fresheners, who passed away just after Christmas.

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