After Covid-19 Quarantine…

THIS JUST IN! It is time to take all that heavy stuff out of the garage once more! Dead Air Fresheners are playing our first post-Covid live show on Sunday September 6 at Cathedral Park in St. John’s, Portland OR. This is a socially distanced event and we encourage you to come, mask up, stand at a safe distance and reflect on the sounds you hear!

Everything changed and you already know that. It changed for you personally every bit as much as it changed for the Dead Air Fresheners. Everybody is playing by new rules, or no rules, now. Faced with the prospect of no live shows, and our tour plans to open for Vern Rumsey shelved by sickness, we decided to embrace the lockdown and created a weekly live streaming performance on Facebook Live: Dead Air Fresheners Friday 5:15 Happy Hour. Little did we know that some of the videos would have more viewers than all of the band’s live shows since 1997 combined could hope to have offered:

And then the success of the weekly sessions came to the attention of our good friend DJ Rachelle of Live Friday at KPSU, Portland’s College Radio. She hijacked our stream and interviewed us for a rousing show you can listen to HERE:

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